The Easy Entrepreneur: My Mobile Device and Why it Matters

Posted on June 30, 2016

As business owners begin learning the advantages of social media, it's surprising how many of those same people have trouble embracing the technique for managing their internet marketing on-the-go.  Using a smartphone or other mobile devices, you can have access to your latest customer questions, comments, and other live social media accounts almost anywhere there's a cell tower or wireless internet connection.  Today, we're going to highlight the importance of the smartphone in social media and the advantages it brings to the tech-savvy internet marketer who can't always stay chained to a desk.

1.) Mobility

The biggest advantage is right in the name, but without a doubt all business owners that manage their social media accounts through mobile devices will have a serious marketing advantage over anyone who does not.  The portability of a smartphone means that keeping track of the latest activity on your Facebook or other online social media portal is a breeze, and gives you the freedom to be away from the office and still behave as if you've never left.  Keep in mind that most cell carriers require a data plan that could cost extra, but it's a small price to pay to have your business in the palm of your hand.

2.) Real-time Action an Reaction

Right alongside mobility, one of the greatest advantages of using a mobile device is that you can take action on the slightest change or threat to your social media presence.  Texting instructions to your employees is a few finger taps away, and any social media updates such as new customer comments or messages can be set to notify you of their presence as real-time updates.  Even post live content to your pages right from your phone without having to scramble to find a computer nearby.  Combining mobility with a real-time action is an incredible tool that few can live without.

3.) Customer Perspective

Finally beyond the practical advantages of managing your social media accounts in real-time from any location, using a smartphone for social media management gives you unique insight on how your customers will view your business online.  Mobile versions of websites are all-too-common now as consumers spend more and more of their internet time on their phones, and formatting for both a traditional website viewing experience and a mobile experience is not always the same.  By using a smartphone to manage your social media, you can see the same portal in the same fashion as your customers and decide if design elements and content are in fact translating to a positive mobile experience or not. 

Bottom line: using a smartphone or mobile device to manage your social media accounts is quickly becoming a standard tool of the trade, and while not officially required for business, making use of it demonstrates progressive thinking and marketing versatility


Article by Joshua Rood


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