BlueTie Business-Class Email

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All Plans Include:

Features Compliance Bundle Compliant Archive Executive Archive
Price per user per month $24.99 $11.99 $6.99
Personal & Admin
Archive Tools
yes yes Admin Only
Archive Retention Indefinite Indefinite 1 Year
Registered Email yes    

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Optional Features

office365.png office365.png Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and more!) on your computer and mobile device.
exchange.png exchange.png Create Microsoft Exchange mailboxes with Outlook that share your domain
cc.png cc.png Create and manage email marketing campaigns.
rpost.png rpost.png Registered Email - Secure and certified e-mail with read receipts and password-protected encryption.
sonian.png sonian.png Archive Full - A searchable archive of all incoming and outgoing mail for your business since the creation of its accounts.


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