BlueTie WebSecurity

BlueTie WebSecurity delivers industry-leading, cloud-based security that protects your employees, enables compliance and lowers your total cost of security. Using a proven SaaS deployment model, BlueTie WebSecurity is easy to set-up and administer, enabling you to support a mobile workforce and operate your own “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) policy.


Why You Need Cloud-based Security


Internet threats and malware are increasing.


SMBs are being targeted by cyber criminals.


Roaming and remote workers need to operate safely outside your office network.


Gain visibility of Web use for all devices, everywhere.

multi_device.png Multiple devices such as mobile computing platforms make consistent protection difficult.

BYOD makes it even more difficult to control every device accessing company resources.


Multiple sites make policy and device management time consuming and costly.


Keeping up with new threats requires security solutions to be constantly updated.

save.png Cost of ownership rises with constant hardware and software upgrades to support growth or new devices.

Fight today’s Internet threats with today’s technology. You can protect users - on all devices at any location - with consistent policies, applied company-wide. Centralized deployment, monitoring, and reporting simplify management.


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