A Calendar Tool That Keeps Your Life Organized

task.png Manage appointments. Schedule meetings with coworkers and view others’ schedules. It’s fast and easy.
design.png Choose your view—daily, weekly or monthly. Organize your calendar in the way that works for you.
connect.png Share your calendar to coordinate schedules and search for available meeting times. Decide who can see your schedule and assign access rights including free/busy view, read-only, or full access. Color-code your coworkers’ schedules for easy viewing—you’ll always know their availability.
reminder.png Get reminders for your meetings. Select how and when you’d like your reminders—in a pop-up message or in an email. Never be late again!  
dashboard.png See your integrated dashboard—an at-a-glance overview of appointments for the day, tasks due and new inbox items.
sync calendar.png Sync your calendar with Outlook, mobile devices and tablets.