Business Class Email—Get What You Need, Not What You Don’t

Posted on Jan. 10, 2017

As a business owner, you want an affordable, secure, high-quality email application that works. That doesn't mean you want to invest a large portion of your budget in expensive, high-maintenance technology. Depending on your business needs, you likely aren’t locked in to purchasing high-priced email products that require in-house professional IT support. You have plenty of choices.


Many small- to mid-sized businesses are turning to hosted service providers as the perfect solution—for functionality, affordability and technical support.


When is hosted email the right fit?

  • When you are looking for solutions that are more robust than free email services.
  • Your employees require the ability to effortlessly and securely share information, files, contacts and calendars anytime, anywhere.
  • You need the application to be flexible and scalable to accommodate your company's growth and allow you to easily create new accounts when they are needed.
  • You need anti-spam and anti-virus protection so you can be sure that your communications are secure.
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP support is needed so emails are accessible anywhere from any device.
  • You want 24/7 customer support without employing round-the-clock IT staff.


Cloud based email has quickly become a leader as the cost-effective go-to service for business class email.  Make sure that when you select a service, you look into how customer support is provided and ask to speak to a current client. Getting quick answers to your questions and having the ability to speak to a live person can make a big difference in satisfaction for you and your employees.


BlueTie offers personalized attention and live customer support to its customers, worldwide. Our goal:  to help you to streamline your daily tasks so you can focus on growth and success. Check out our Cloud-based email suite with enhancements that allow employees to collaborate in a manner that augments workflow. Our services also comply with privacy and legal requirements mandated by several industries, including healthcare, legal and finance. The user interface is intuitive and functions similarly to the familiar Outlook, which minimizes any learning curve or disruption to productivity. Contact us to learn how BlueTie can work for you.

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