Unlimited Archived Email Storage

Archive Services That Meet Legal and Email Auditing Requirements

Archive Lite

All BlueTie email comes with a one-year retention archive. It allows the administrator to see all incoming and outgoing messages for users.

Compliant Archive

Need to satisfy legal requirements? Upgrade to Compliant Archive for lifetime retention and unlimited storage of your email messages and attachments—the perfect solution to comply with SarbOx, FINRA and HIPAA regulations. With the click of a button, you can turn on this feature right from your BlueTie Enterprise Manager.

Back up messages and attachments automatically.

Capture all inbound and outbound email and attachments permanently in the Cloud. Need additional Backup and disaster recovery support? Click here to learn more.

connect_secure.png Maintain a secure copy of all business correspondence.
multi_device.png Access and search from any device with an Internet connection. All users can search and retrieve messages and attachments by keyword, sender, recipient, date range, and more.
search.png Set up queries to conduct email monitoring and audits.
cloud_folder.png Retrieve deleted messages.

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