Powerful Email Host & Message Protection

Hosted Exchange—Made Simple for Your Growing Business

Robust reliability. Uncompromising security. Mobile flexibility. BlueTie takes care of the hardware, maintenance and licensing fees, bringing you a hosted platform for the most recent Microsoft Outlook email client—available anytime, from any location. Get Exchange for all your users, or choose Hybrid Exchange to combine Microsoft Exchange accounts with feature-rich, cost-effective BlueTie email accounts.


Just like BlueTie’s proprietary hosted email, Exchange allows you to:

multi_device.png Access email remotely—via the Web or a mobile device.
connect.png View your colleagues' calendars and schedule meetings.
task.png Assign and manage company-wide tasks on central 'to do' lists.
all.png Manage contact information of your employees and customers with 24x7 access.
docs.png Share documents across your team.

Why purchase through BlueTie?


Get Started Today! No Risk 30 Day Trial.

Choose from two plans that can be tailored to fit your unique needs. Adjust your plan any time as your business grows and evolves.

Features Standard Advanced
Price per user per month $12.50 $16.00
Setup yes yes
Storage 25GB Unlimited
Live Support yes yes
100% Uptime Guarantee yes yes
Anti-Spam & Virus yes yes
Additional Storage Available yes N/A
One Resource Mailbox Optional yes
Mobility: ActiveSync Optional yes
Mobility: Remote Device Management Optional yes
Directory Link Optional yes

Add On Options


office365.png Microsoft Office Applications
Word, Excel, and more! On your computer and mobile device.

$8.25/user per month


rpost.png Registered Email

Secure and certified e-mail with read receipts and password-protected encryption.

$19.99/user per month


sonian.png Compliant Archive

Searchable archive of all incoming and outgoing mail for your business.

$6.00/user per month


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