Earn More Revenue by Choosing BlueTie

Reseller Benefits


Best Margins In The Business

Earn 50% margins on almost all products and services at our suggested retail price. Margins increase as your customer base grows with our revenue-based pricing tiers.


Your Brand, Your Customers

Already have your brand established? No problem. BlueTie's white-labeled email product will fit with your brand.


Services Revenue

BlueTie is committed to your success. We provide resellers with a platform to earn recurring services revenue on top of traditional revenue sources.


Easy To Signup, Sell & Support

It’s easy to sign up instantly online, with no credit checks or pre-existing user requirements. That makes it easy for you to start selling today. And while you remain the main point of contact for your end users, BlueTie is here to support you. So…supporting customers is, you guessed it—easy!


The BlueTie Difference

When you partner with BlueTie, you’re backed by an industry leader committed to customer satisfaction. Our products and services are engineered with your end users in mind. Your customers require simple, dependable and scalable business communications backed by BlueTie's 100% Uptime Guarantee.

Our $1,500 annual license fee grants you access to sell unlimited free basic email boxes to your users at a price you choose with plenty of upsell opportunities and premium mailbox offerings to suit all your customers’ needs.