Our Customers

Our Customers

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"We have over 300 horses and donkeys on our new ranch in Alvin, every one of them coming to us through the courts. The real reward is returning them to health and finding them new homes. Bluetie has played an important role in our operations over the years (How long have we been with you?). Having the ability to have secure, trustworthy communications is vital to what we do and Bluetie has excelled in providing that for us. The few times I've called tech support has always resulted in someone responding quickly with an answer and a result."
- Jerry Finch, Habitat for Horses


“For years my website was dull and amateurish. Since working with BlueTie on a new website, the transition was very easy. BlueTie does a great job of always staying up-to-date with my business, and checking in to make sure that I am happy with my services. Very professional people to work with. I am so happy I made the switch!”
- Bernie Ciampi, American Paper & Supply


“We are so happy to be working with BlueTie, a reliable and trustworthy partner for handling and advising on our social media management and other marketing services.  With today’s ever changing options for communicating with customers it is comforting to have the resources of BlueTie always at the ready.”
- Jim Froehler, Landmark Retail Stores/ People’s Pottery


"We have been reselling BlueTie email services, as well as using BlueTie email services in our own business for years. The premium email services are exceptional and we really like working with the BlueTie staff. We have had very few services issues over the years, making it a very hassle free relationship. We really like the ability of being able to manage all of our accounts from one enterprise platform. We would highly recommend BlueTie to resellers and end customers."
- Whitney Hill, Carolina Web Consultants, Inc

"My experience with BlueTie has been nothing but great!  Always accommodating and quick to get a response! Love your company!"
- Sue Havens, Sheehy Systems


"We've partnered with Bluetie for about 10 years now.  I have always found their customer service, billing departments, and even their President (Rob) to be very accessible and responsive.  Overall, this is one of their core strengths and separates them from other providers.  Over the years, they have provided my Firm with multiple solutions for handling a variety of technology related questions.  I'd definitely recommend Bluetie Corporation!"
- Matt, Yanni Associates


"I have had the pleasure of working with "Mo" at Blue Tie for almost 10 years. Always friendly and helpful, she is just the person you want to have when there is a problem to resolve or bring a smile to your day."
- Ellen M, President, Hartland Music