Hybrid Exchange

Some users may need the extended features supported by a Microsoft Exchange account with Outlook - Hybrid Exchange lets you create those accounts within your email domains along with the less-expensive and fully featured BlueTie email accounts. There are two plans available for Exchange accounts.

Features Standard Advanced
Price per user per month $12.50 $16.00
Setup check.png check.png
Storage 5GB 25GB
Live Support check.png check.png
100% Uptime Guarantee check.png check.png
Anti-Spam & Virus check.png check.png
Once Resource Mailbox Optional check.png
Mobility: ActiveSync Optional check.png
Mobility: Remote Device Management Optional check.png
Directory Link Optional check.png
Additional Storage (2GB Increments) Optional check.png

Why Hybrid Exchange?


BlueTie Email

Everything You love about BlueTie email for users that don’t need Exchange accounts.


Hosted Exchange Accounts

Be able to create the users you want on exchange accounts.



You only have to pay for the accounts you need of each type. This prevents you from having to make all user accounts the same.

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