Social Media Marketing to Connect Your Business

Social Media Management

Where are your customers? They're on social media! It’s a critical part of every business marketing strategy. Social media drives brand awareness, increases web traffic, improves SEO and strengthens customer relationships. But it needs to be handled attentively and expertly. That's where we come in.


Rely on BlueTie To Connect Your Business

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BlueTie offers:


Professionally Written Content

Your content will be original and customized for your business. Our team will use hashtags, back links, and other methods to cross market and ensure content has maximum visibility. We focus on using strategically selected keywords to maximize search engine rankings.


Follower Engagement & Retention

Posts and pins aim to spur reposts, retweets or replies from your current and prospective customers. Research indicates that the more engagement a business has on their social media channels, the more likely a customer will buy or remain loyal.


Customized Promotions & Marketing Programs

Our team will work with you to generate creative and innovative promotions to drive results that meet the unique objectives of your business.


Community Management

The marketing team will actively engage with other users, businesses, and groups on all of your social media platforms to encourage conversations, create a larger follower base and stimulate brand recognition.


Reputation Management

Monitoring your social media channels and responding to comments is important. BlueTie can help you ensure that replies and comments are handled in a timely manner.  You can also take advantage of our expanded Reputation Management services.


Extended Customer Service

Your customers may ask questions or make comments on your social pages.  In those instances, we can provide extended customer service on your behalf. Depending on the situation, we can respond immediately or get your feedback before crafting the response.


Facebook Ads

Get expert support to place Facebook ads and boost posts. We can help you drive actions from users, increase likes, website clicks, sales and event attendance. We can customize ad programs to suit your business-specific needs and targeted demographics.


Success Measurement

Receive a monthly report containing results from your social media campaign. Use the data to adjust your campaigns to get the most impact.

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