Contacts Stored All In One Place

Get anytime, anywhere access to people who make your business thrive.

connect.png Share groups of contacts with coworkers or associates.
all2.png Use Enterprise Contacts as a company directory that’s available to all of your employees. It’s customizable and automatically updated each time you add or remove an employee account.
user_profile.png Create robust contact profiles, including custom fields and detailed notes.
reminder.png Record important dates, such as birthdays, and have them appear on your calendar. Get reminders. Even order gifts within the BlueTie application through our partnerships with Amazon and FTD.
custom_groups.png Add custom-named groups for projects and communicate with a single click.
organize_groups.png Organize contacts in the way that makes sense to you.
backup.png Import and export contacts easily to and from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and many other applications and file formats.
realtionship.png Access shared contacts from any connected computer or device. You can add email contacts with one click.
time.png Save time typing. Your contacts will auto-complete in your email application when you begin typing.