Enterprise Manager Keeps You In Control

Manage BlueTie accounts from one centralized location. You have complete control over your enterprise and preferences with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, application.

organize_groups.png Add and delete users. Monitor the status of accounts, reset passwords, configure session timeouts, unlock accounts after invalid login attempts, lock an account to revoke user access rights, and more.
create.png Customize the look of your business email. Make the application your own, branded to your business. Upload your company logo, choose your color scheme, set email footers and headers.
manage_two.png Manage unlimited domain names. It’s simple to add and remove email domain names, set up defaults and add domains to your enterprise and users.
businesses.png Maintain global enterprise and user preferences. Tailor preferences on an individual basis. Apply junk and security settings, create mailing lists, update billing information, and more.
all.png Organize your accounts to support multiple offices, departments or divisions. Group user accounts. Configure preferences and access levels based on the structure of your business.

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