Robust Email Security For Your Mailbox

BlueTie has partnered with industry leading providers of messaging security solutions to offer the most robust email protection available today. With spam making up more than 95% of all email today, protecting your mailbox is more important than ever. We provide:


More than 98% Accurate -- Near Zero False Positives

IP Reputation and Compliance Analysis

Before accepting messages for delivery, BlueTie analyzes the sending source for its reputation on the Internet. This is achieved using multiple IP Real-Time Blacklists (RBL) and IP Reputation data provided from multiple sources. Connections which pass this stringent round of testing are then subject to compliance verification of the SMTP protocol. This phase of the process helps to reduce obvious SPAM.

Deep Message Analysis

Messages are then processed in real-time using Fingerprinting technology looking not only at the body of the message, but the content such as embedded images and attachments. This layer of the analysis compares known spam "fingerprints" or signatures with the messages currently being processed. Each message is provided a score and a disposition which is used to determine if the message will be blocked or sent to the Junk Mail folder.

User-Based Feedback

BlueTie's web interface provides the necessary tools to help us help you. If we do incorrectly classify a message as "clean" or "junk", let us know by simply moving the message to the appropriate folder and we'll report this information to ensure fingerprints are updated.

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