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Registered Email—A Powerful, Practical, Cost-Effective Protection Tool


Award-winning, worldwide patented technology from RPost arms you with a fast and user-friendly way to provide court-admissible evidence of e-mail correspondence.

Get a Registered Receipt email within one business day of sending your message. It is tamper-detectable, and it provides an admissible, legally verifiable record of the entire transaction. A single Registered Receipt contains transmission information for all recipients of your message.

Registered Receipt email provides:

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Key Benefits

save.png Save time and money. Use Registered Email as an electronic courier in place of costly overnight postage for even the most official, sensitive or confidential documents.
simple.png Eliminate hassle. Receive an automatically-generated Registered Receipt email in your inbox which verifies delivery status of each Registered Email message. No more follow-up calls to confirm that a message was received.
cert.png Gain the upper hand. Legal Proof gives you a distinct advantage in any dispute involving the content or delivery status of email. You can refute claims of "I never got your message" or "that is not what your message said" with legally verifiable, admissible Registered Email records.
docs.png Simplify record keeping. Configure your account to sort all of your receipts into a designated folder.


Simple, Secure End-To-End Encryption

Maximize simplicity for users. Often, companies must choose between security and simplicity when it comes to encryption services. Complex encrypted email systems are typically underutilized. For example, many services require the recipient to click to a special website to collect email. In these cases, recipients frequently do not take the time to retrieve the message. More cumbersome means less used, resulting in a potentially higher risk of breach for your organization.

Maintain the highest level of security. BlueTie offers a solution to overcome this challenge, through RPost SecuRmail encryption of the message body and all attachments, delivered right to the recipient's desktop.

Service Benefits

simple.png Simple to use solutions mean lower risk of breach. Just click the "Send Registered" button from BlueTie email or Outlook—no extra software needed.
secure_unlock.png Auto-delivery of decryption password.
secure_desktop.png Encrypted desktop to desktop, straight-through. Perfect for matters that need privacy from internal staff.
secure_mail.png Encrypted reply option for secure docs and back-and-forth conversations.
cert.png Court-admissible proof records of encrypted transmission (content, time, delivery) allows you to prove compliance and prevent fines.