Spam Policy

1. General

BlueTie is proud of its reputation for providing safe email for all of its Subscribers. Additionally, the user experience is important to us, and as Subscribers, you affect that reputation and user experience. Therefore, please review and abide by the following prohibition on spamming and unethical marketing activity. Your acceptance is assumed by your use of the BlueTie Website and any of BlueTie’s services or software.

2. Prohibited Activity

Without limitation, BlueTie specifically prohibits any user from engaging in the following activities:

3. BlueTie Response to Suspected or Actual Violations

BlueTie may investigate any and all suspected violations, including reviewing your account activity. BlueTie reserves the right without notice, in its sole discretion, to suspend or fully terminate your account if at any time BlueTie believes you to be in violation of this policy.

BlueTie may also engage in legal action against you and may cooperate with law enforcement agencies, including international agencies, to prosecute users involved in violations. Violation of this policy may constitute a violation of certain federal and state laws, including, but not limited to the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

BlueTie may also engage in the following to stop spam activity:

Despite these steps, it is an unfortunate fact that senders of spam are highly sophisticated and very skilled in the use of technology. Certain tactics employed by spammers are beyond the absolute control and responsibility of BlueTie. As a provider of email services to a large number of ISPs, businesses, and individuals, BlueTie is unfortunately a target for senders of spam. We ask that our users recognize that very often, the unwanted message did not originate from our systems, but has been deliberately modified by the spammer to make it look as if it did, in order to disguise their true identity.

4. Reporting Spam

BlueTie welcomes and appreciates assistance in addressing the problem of spam. Users of BlueTie’s web interface can assist by using the “Flag as Junk” command in their Email window. This will result in our investigation and potential blocking of the sender of the offending message. Anyone that has received an unwanted spam message from an address that appears to be originating from BlueTie should report the situation to BlueTie immediately at BlueTie will investigate and immediately suspend the sender’s account if we determine the complaint to be legitimate. Additionally, BlueTie may proactively block any Email address that is suspected of spam activity. While this may cause some inconvenience to our users in receiving Email, BlueTie believes that prevention of further spam activity is important and appreciates user understanding in this regard.

5. Policy Changes

BlueTie reserves the right to modify this policy. We will post updates prominently. Your continued use of our Services constitutes your acceptance of this policy and agreement to abide by it.

BlueTie views spam very seriously and appreciates its user’s cooperation and active participation in enforcing this policy.