Store, Search and Organize E-Files

Make your digital files, scanned records and emails available and searchable anytime, anywhere with BlueTie Vault.

Organize all your data into one easy-to-use file system. BlueTie Vault can automatically upload data from multiple devices, types and formats and store them in a secure cloud. Need to organize scanned papers, mobile uploads and multiple file types into a record system? No problem. Adding files is simple. You can even search for and find a file within seconds. Never lose a receipt or contract again.


docs.png Collect, convert and store data—organized the way that makes sense to you.
vault.png Store information safely and securely.
backup.png Retrieve data quickly and easily using an advanced search engine.
connects.png Assign users different levels of access.
save.png Eliminate the need for expensive licenses and servers.
lock.png Meet data security and privacy needs so that you’re always in compliance with the latest healthcare, human resources and finance regulations.


“BlueTie Vault allows me to easily maintain electronic medical records for my patients. It automatically collects my digital notes from patient visits, emails and scanned documents all in one place.”



$ /user per month (Minimum 10 Users)


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